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Welcome to Hempress Farms, your gateway to luxury CBD experiences. Explore the world of premium CBD crafted with meticulous care, from seed to bottle. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we cultivate the finest hemp, sourcing quality ingredients locally and from the African diaspora.

The Journey:

Hempress Farms, a licensed boutique artisanal grow, adapted to changing times during the pandemic. Evolving into a luxury hemp dispensary, we ensured business continuity through online sales, curbside pick-up, and nationwide shipping. Our journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability in an ever-evolving market.

Seed to Bottle Control:

Enjoy the assurance of 100% supply chain control, from seed to bottle. Our cultivation journey began with 80 plants in an indoor grow, expanding to 300 plants on 1 acre in Yadkin County, USA. Each product is a result of precision and care, delivering a luxurious and relieving experience.

Community Involvement:

During challenging times, Hempress Farms reached out to the community. Free hemp leaf tea donations to the elderly and nursing homes provided comfort. As a locally manufactured, artisan, and handcrafted establishment, we played a role in job creation, contributing to economic resilience in an underserved area.

Transformative Vision:

Hempress Farms is more than a brand; it's a transformative vision. Emerging from the pandemic's challenges, it became the only luxury CBD cultivation facility and upscale dispensary in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Experience adaptability turning challenges into opportunities for growth and positive change.

At Hempress Farms, discover the epitome of passion, dedication, and resilience in every CBD product. Embrace luxury, feel relief, and embark on a journey where excellence is not just a commitment but a lifestyle. Explore the essence of luxury CBD at Hempress Farms.

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