District Growers

Our Mission

At District Growers, we often use the term "Grow True". We use this term as a constant reminder of our quest to provide the "best” products and experience - bar none.

On this journey, we marry nature's touch and cutting edge technology in the pursuit of delivering perfection - every time. Consequently, we take no shortcuts. We refuse to sacrifice the proven for the convenient. From our production methods to our service, we endeavor to exceed all expectations. It is not enough to us to be the best if the best is not perfect. Put simply, to Grow True is to quest for perfection. Join us in this quest!

District Growers, a registered medical cannabis cultivator established in 2012 in Washington DC, boasts a highly experienced grow team proficient in various cultivation methods for both indoor and outdoor settings. With extensive exposure across different markets and interactions with numerous patients, our team holds a unique comprehension of patient care, coupled with an unwavering passion for our crafted products. We firmly believe in the transformative power of passionate gardening when it comes to cannabis, shaping premium experiences. Recognized consistently by the industry and our loyal clientele, we take immense pride in being counted among the nation's finest cultivators and creators of cannabis-infused products.

Continuously striving for product enhancement is our ethos, driven by the commitment to provide unparalleled experiences for those who depend on us. Our dedication stems from the understanding that individuals' well-being relies on the quality of our products, catering to both medicinal and social purposes. Rejecting the notion of unattainable perfection, we conscientiously ensure that our products are reliably identified, rigorously tested, and devoid of any harmful substances. Our pursuit of excellence is unwavering as we meticulously refine our operations and methodologies, defining our quest as "Grow True." Embrace nature's finest offerings cultivated by those dedicated to mastering their craft. Enjoy an experience crafted with care and expertise.


Rebel Kitchen Edibles

Rebel Kitchen's "Marshmallow Crisp" is a delightful cereal treat featuring puffed rice, marshmallows, a colorful seasonal chocolate drizzle and is available in 3 different flavors! Classic, Strawberry and Chocolate crisps are 45mg THC and the most popular grab-n-go treat.